Eiko Tanaka



木地師 田中瑛子 / Wood turner, Lacquer  Artist,Wood crafts Artist Eiko TANAKA

a line with red, black, and wood

a fusion of technologies that Japanese history live in and my sensation as a woman.


The history of woodturner dates back to 9th century. It has been handed down by only people of limited family. Although the door went open while manufacturing of lacquerware have been industrialized, it is only recently that female woodturner have appeared. Furthermore, the process of wooden base production process and coating process used to be division of labor. Yet she produces a unique view of the world by being those steps alone.

1983 愛知県に生まれる
2005 愛知教育大学造形文化コース漆芸専攻卒
2006 高岡クラフトコンペティション初入選 以後数回入選
2007 日本伝統工芸会正会員「中嶋虎男」氏に師事
2007 石川の伝統工芸展初入選 以後数回入選
2007 金沢城兼六園大茶会工芸作品公募展奨励賞
2010 石川県挽物轆轤技術研修所専門コース卒業
2011 金沢城兼六園大茶会工芸作品展(財)石川県芸術文化協会会長賞
2012 独立「工房あかとき」設立
2012 工芸空間FAISONSにて初個展
2013 アメリカNY Sara Japanese Potteryにて竹内瑠璃(九谷焼)と共に二人展
2014 アメリカNY Sara Japanese Potteryにて竹内瑠璃(九谷焼)と共に二人展
2015 工芸空間FAISONSにて作品展
2015 アメリカNY Sara Japanese Potteryにて竹内瑠璃(九谷焼)と共に二人展
2016 東京新宿伊勢丹にて作品展
2016 インドネシア ジャカルタ フェアモントホテル内サンライズギャラリーにて


1983 Born in Aichi JAPAN
2005 Graduated Aichi University of Education, Molding Culture Course, Lacquer Arts
2006 First prize in the Takaoka Craft Competition/Later won the same prize several times
2007 Studied with Mr. Torao Nakashima, a member of Japan Kogei Association
2007 First prize in the Ishikawa Traditional Art Crafts Exhibit/Later won the same prize several times
2007 Awarded the Encouragement prize of Kanazawa Castle Kenrokuen Grand Tea Ceremony
Crafts Competition
2010 Graduated Ishikawa Prefecture ground product potter’s wheel technology training centers,
Professional course
2011 Awarded the Ishikawa Prefectural Artistic And Cultural Association Chairman prize of Kanazawa
Castle Kenrokuen Grand Tea Ceremony Crafts Competition
2012 Established AKATOKI
2012 First solo exhibition at craft space FAISONS
2013 Exhibited at Sara Japanese Pottery in N.Y.
2014 Exhibited at Sara Japanese Pottery in N.Y.
2015 Exhibited at craft space FAISONS
2015 Exhibited at Sara Japanese Pottery in N.Y.
2016 Exhibited at ISETAN in Tokyo

2016 Exhibited at Sunrise Art Gallery Faimont Jakarta in Indonesia

2016/12/08 – 12/14 (12/08-12/10は作家在廊)
伊勢丹新宿本店 本館5F ウエストパーク

動画コンテンツにて配信中 アットホーム様コーポレートサイト内

2014/01/22 無印良品ブログ MUJIキャラバン「木を操る・木地師」紹介。
2014/02/11 NHK BSプレミアム・イッピン「極限まで木を挽く!~石川・山中漆器~」出演。
2014/05/09,16,23,30,6/6 athome「明日への扉#056 山中漆器 木地師 田中瑛子」出演。



Authorized dealer
Machiya of Daishoji where flourished as the castle town. Gallery cafe,
renovated from silk wholesaler, which was built in 1880.
工芸空間フゾン/Gallery & Cafe FAISONS

922-0038 石川県加賀市大聖寺山田町26
ADDRESS 26 Yamada-Machi Daishouji Kaga Ishikawa 922-0038 JAPAN
PHONE 0761-75-7340 E-MAIL faisons@neccowork.com